27 Sep 2012

Emma Stone(d)

Before you react negatively, let me tell you the story of this blogpost’s title. While taking this photo, Patrick (my ever supportive boyfriend/photographer) said, “You look like Emma Stone!” to which I laughed at and said “Are you stoned?”

That’s it. HOW INTERESTING *sarcasm*!

Top (used as dress): BNY SM Department Store (Mom’s) | Corset: TNC Manila | Heels: F&H (Pat’s Gift)| Sunnies: GurlyGlamShoppe 

There is a huge possibility that you have seen this look before because I took inspiration from one of Ericke Tan’s (Surprisingly Kitsch) looks. I think that even if it’s quite unorthodox, wearing a corset top over a dress looks really cool.

I have been overusing this corset top from TNC Manila. You probably didn’t notice but I actually wore this underneath the top I was wearing during my last post. It’s just so pretty and edgy and awesome (for lack of a better word) all at the same time! Much like the other clothes that Gladys, the owner, is selling that is why I’ve accumulated quite a few pieces from her. Piece of advice, you should head on over her online shop today because she just uploaded a bunch of new stuff and they’re all so beautiful that I’m drooling as I type this *wipes keyboard*.

The heaviest and hottest pair of heels that I own so far. Pat doesn’t like this particular pair that much but he still bought it for me. Sweeeeet no???

That’s it for today guys. I hope you like today’s look! :)


P.S. Photos by Patrick Julaton
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