3 Oct 2012

Blue Watercolor

Watercolor Blazer: TNC Manila | Mirrored Neckpiece: Trendphile | Skirt: SM Department Store | Wedge Booties: Rusty Lopez, SM Department Store

I wore this when we had to bring my niece to the daycare center on her first day. Doesn’t time flow by so fast? I feel as if it was just yesterday when I first saw her cute little face and now she’s going to school already!

Another print on print look! I tend to deviate towards pattern mixing whenever dressing up because sometimes, I feel like an outfit isn’t complete without at least two prints combined. There are many ways to rock a print on print look but in this case, I opted to use colors that are found in both the floral blazer and abstract skirt: aqua blue and purple (such pretty colors if you’ll ask me)!

Also, it could be that I’m just looking for an excuse to wear this GORGEOUS watercolor print blazer that came in my mail from TNC Manila the day before. I’ve been wanting to buy a printed blazer for so long and this was just perfect! The color and print are just too beautiful to pass up. Told you, TNC Manila has some of the prettiest clothes found in the internet community!

This may not be the most flattering outfit I’ve ever donned but I don’t care. I really just love the blazer a lot!

Well, that’s it for today’s look. Leaving you all with this photo of me and Patrick’s other girlfriend, Innova! In case you’re wondering why I have a huge-a*s grin on my face it’s because Patrick is cracking up a joke! He always does that whenever he is behind the camera. That’s why I love going to shoots with him, he makes it even more fun! I can’t wait to go on another shoot with the best and most supportive boyf ever! :)

Hope you like it :)


Photo by Patrick Julaton :)

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